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Privacy Policy

GB Consulting Pty Ltd understand the importance of protecting and maintaining the privacy of information that we may be exposed to or obtain through the operation of this site.

Collection of information

Information on individuals, businesses and companies may be gathered by us through mailing lists, and certain forms located in this site from time to time. Any information supplied to us by you will not be sold, leased, or provided in any way to third parties, and is entirely confidential.

Mailing lists

Privacy of Information:

GB Consulting Pty Ltd hold email address information on our newsletter mailing list for subscribers of this service. We will not, under any circumstances, provide this information in any way, to third parties

Subscribe/unsubscribe option:

Any newsletter supplied via a mailing list that users subscribe to will have an option to unsubscribe provided, should a user wish to cease receiving this information.

Credit card details

If credit card purchasing facilities are made available on this site, credit card details will always lodged through a secure, encrypted area of our site, and are not stored on, nor pass through a publicly accessible system.


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