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Secure Networks

GB Consulting specialises in Microsoft Windows Server and workstation Local Area Network (LAN) setups and total Wide Area Network (WAN) secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions and management.

Our technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals with an in-depth understanding of all the Microsoft operating systems and software and the latest networking hardware.

Our expertise covers:

  • Server and workstation installations and upgrades

  • Firewall and Router configuration

  • Existing network upgrade/migration

  • Centralised Antivirus/Spam/Spyware installations

  • Terminal Server and Terminal Server client configuration

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connections

  • Secure Wireless Networking

  • Troubleshooting/upgrading existing networks

  • Remote Network Administration + Home and office Remote Access

  • Email Systems & Intranets

  • Network security and security auditing

But our network support doesn't simply stop after the installation. Once the system is installed, we can train your organisation's members to use, understand and manage your new networking solution.

If you are struggling with your current network then contact us so we can help you get your systems connecting quickly and operating effectively.

Internet Solutions:
The possibilities provided by the Internet go beyond web browsing and sending emails.

Utilising existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) infrastructure or by implementing your own, there are various ways of securely enhancing or expanding your network across the Internet .

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can allow secure remote access for your managers, sales reps, suppliers & clients.

We can assist you with all aspects from planning and execution of Wide Area Networking (WAN) via the Internet or your own communications backbone.

The Internet has become a powerful marketing and sales tool for a huge variety of businesses.

Every business feels they have to be on it in some form or fashion, but taking that initial step to getting online can often be a daunting and confusing one.

We can assist with every aspect of the whole process from conceptualisation to deployment an maintenance.


Microsoft Small Business Specialist

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