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Junction Street Medical Associates

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Their Testimonial

GB Consulting have been providing computer support for Junction Street Medical Associates and we remain extremely happy with the service we have received.

When running a business, good technical support and a good response time are vital. GB Consulting have been prompt to respond to critical situations and have been flexible to our business needs. They have assisted our business with advice regarding the purchase and set-up of a network that spans three locations and have been willing to think outside the square to look at solutions particular to our place in the health care industry.

Trouble shooting has been a particular strong point and even when I have caused havoc by trying to address an issue myself and (unintentionally) stuffing up badly, GB Consulting have been able to come to the rescue and get the technology working again.

In choosing a professional to address our IT issues, we decided on a few essential criteria:
We needed a quick response time, especially to issues which affected our productivity.
We needed someone flexible enough to be able to work on non critical issues outside of normal hours so minimise business interruption
We needed someone who could explain solutions to us in clear English, with no geekspeak but with adequate explanation and clarification of issues we needed to be aware of.
We needed someone who was prepared to become familiar with our set-up and our needs and be able to tailor their support and advice to what we really require.
We needed a group that was not dependant on one person alone to provide support so that the service we require can still be provided even if one person is unavailable.
We needed someone who would be around tomorrow, next year and beyond. In an industry characterised by short term operators, we needed the confidence that our IT consultant will be a stable and consistent presence in our business.

I am happy to say that GB Consulting have satisfied and indeed often exceeded our expectations with regard to all of these points.


Dr Adam J Hodgkins
Junction Street Medical Associates
Nowra, NSW

Contact:   Adam Hodgkins     
Phone:      02 4423 5644        

IT Projects

         Consultation on new Dell server, rack and network specifications

         Set up of a the new Dell server, rack, Windows 2003 Server and network domain

         Transferring software and data from the old server to the new server and testing

o        Pracsoft medical services patient billing system

o        Medical Director (MDW2) patient information and drug subscription system

o        Open Office

         Upgrade and Maintenance of their specialist third party medical applications

         Windows 2003 Backup server installation to be used in in case of extended server downtime

         Installation and automated backup of SQL databases and critical information

         ADSL Firewall/Router installation for Internet access and connection to the LAN for 2 remote offices

         VPN secure access, linking three remote offices to one centralized server

         Secure remote access to the network, allowing key personnel the ability to access the network while
      outside the office and also reduce response times to IT problems.

         Automated scripts to upload local files to the remote main server over night from each office


Services Provided

         Remote support for the network using secure VPN connections and Terminal Server

         Support for Terminal Server running following medical information systems over the WAN

o        Pracsoft medical services patient billing system

o        Best Practice Medical patient information and drug subscription system

o        Medical Director (MDW2) patient information and drug subscription system

o        Open Office

         Windows 98, 2000 and XP workstation support.

         After hours and weekend support to minimize the impact of IT infrastructure support on the business.

         Help desk phone support

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