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Application Design

Businesses will often find, due to the individuality of their services, that off the shelf software solutions will just not fully fit their needs.

Packaged solutions often deliver 80 percent of what the clients need, but the remaining 20 percent could be the source of their competitive advantage.
Our job is to use what's in the package to enable the business or create a totally new application to help our clients capitalize on their own unique strengths.

Particularly for specialised small to medium sized businesses, the task of finding a suitable management system can be next to impossible. Trying to develop one in house can be difficult due to lack of expertise, time and cost.

At GBC, we can develop custom tailored network or stand-alone applications using Visual Basic, .Net, Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Sharepoint Server to suit your business needs.

We realise that technical know-how is only one part of the equation. An understanding of your business structure and functionality is an essential element of every application development and we have a broad range of expertise in developing specialised applications for a diverse assortment of industries.

So... just think, a round peg for a round hole. It is possible! Come and talk to us about your database or application needs.

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Custom Applications
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