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Custom Designed Applications

What Are the Processes Involved?

Unique challenges require unique solutions. It requires the right mix of business, planning and technical expertise. Proper management of information is critical before any custom application is started.

Define the Purpose of the Application
What is the purpose of the required solution, and how does it relate the big picture for your organization? A clearly defined purpose gives scope and direction to any project. It's also a reference point to keep the solution on track and on budget. What initially appears as one solution, may end up being a series of smaller pieces that can be implemented separately and then joined together to fulfil the "Big Picture".

Outline the Work Processes Involved
A flawed business process will inevitably produce a flawed computerized system. Outlining your work process and re-fining the human elements that lead up to use of the customized application are critical.
Not sure if you have a sound business process? A introductory Q & A meeting with GB Consulting can help reveal any strengths or inefficiencies in your current work process.

GB Consulting performs a needs assessment to determine what the "right" solution will be. The assessment includes the following:

Evaluate what solutions (if any) need to be designed.
Determine the business logic that supports the purpose of the system.
Design a preliminary data flow and architecture to support the business logic.
Present the solution to the client for feedback and approval.
The goal here is to fully understand the solution(s) to be provided, the timelines, and the related costs. This is where everyone needs to be "on the same page" in terms of how the system will act and achieve the defined purpose.

RAD - Rapid Application Development
Rapid Application Development allows for continuous communication between the developer and the client. Throughout the process, the client receives regular "prototype" versions of the application along with discussions for revisions and next steps.

While we are strong believers in the importance of a thorough design, the actual design becomes much clearer as the application evolves. A truly useful solution requires changes based on feedback from users.

Installation and Training
Once the application has been thoroughly tested, it can be installed and is ready to use. Training may be necessary in some situations. There are many instances where certain phases of the project can be deployed before the entire project is complete. We call this process the "application test-drive". No amount of testing can account for real data, from real users, in real situations. System performance is closely monitored and any modifications can be made while the application is being used.

Application Maintenance
Changes, debugging and additions are inevitable. GB Consulting is always there to address the changing needs of the client and the application, and to respond to problems and questions in a timely fashion.

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